Directed by Rolfin Nyhus.


Sironka, a mute boy tending goats on the Maasai Mara loses the herd whilst engrossed in a book, much to the annoyance of his elder siblings.  Discovering signs of lion activity, his elder brothers head into the bush to hunt the beasts leaving a scorned and faint-hearted Sironka alone.

Hearing demonic voices, Sironka finds the courage to embark on a brave yet foolhardy journey to locate and help his brothers.  Lost and afraid, he comes across an unexpected and fearsome force.  Young and unarmed, he must outwit this foe to save himself and reunite with his family.

In this 'coming of age' gothic-mystery, one boy's story echoes humanity's struggle with the all-powerful and insidious prevalence of globalisation, money and greed.

Director: Rolfin Nyhus
Written by: Adam Anson
Producers: Adam Anson x Charlie Mather x Rolfin Nyhus
Director of Photography: Andy Alderslade


Sironka (boy)      -   Robert Okoth
Moran Warrior   -   Oneal Gakuu
Elder Brother      -   Enoch Naam

Holographic Demons

Adam Anson
Liza Callinicos
Benjamin Murray

Crew x Post Production:

Editors: Agathe Barbier x Rolfin Nyhus
Music Composer: Fredrik Hjulmand
Soprano Vocal: Magdalena Kozyra
Sound Design: Timo Säilä
Colourist: Vincenzo Onorato
Visual Effects: David Hedberg x Emeric Saint-Germain

Focus Pullers: Jamie Mcinerney & Benjamin Smith
Camera Assistant: Ezra Miles
Drone Operator: Matthew Hooshmand
Assistant Director: Gary Raisbeck

Costume: Ksenia Vashchenko
Hair: Ranelle Chapman
Make Up: Mattie White
Production Design: Charlie Killick x Haley Seal
Production Assistant: Jolyon Price x Milda Shaheen

Casting by:

Ana Freire de Andrade
Soul Hamilton

DURATION: 14 mins