Muariolanza x Clapton Fox

Music Video

Directed by Ben Lankester. 

This is the eponymous track of the album 'Love Time'.  A musical collaboration with prolific jazz guitar virtuoso Muario Lanza and the pop-infused psychedelic sensibility of East London music producer Clapton Fox.

Made with friends in Iceland. 

Released on SJRecords.


Director: Ben Lankester
Director of Photography: Ben Lankester
Producers: Ben Lankester, Robert Kaniepien, Rolfin Nyhus
Editor: Ben Lankester
1st AD: Rolfin Nyhus
Costume: Martush Ka
Music: Muario Lanza x Clapton Fox
Visual Effects: David Hedberg
CollaborationSJ Records x Ben Lankester x Tanktop Films